Ms.Felber spreads positivity through craft


Staff Photographer Madison Staton

2 student members of the FLC craft club, run by Ms. Felber in room 212, improve their crochet skills together.

Phatamarha Noel

As the new school year begins, many students who balance overwhelming and egregious obstacles are struggling to find solace. Though the new and exciting clubs bring relief, there is one in particular that stands out from the rest–Craft Club.

Educator Sigal Felber, director of the craft club, has only been here at FLC for only a few months yet she is already striving to make her mark.

“I really wanted to start a club or do something at least a little bit after school to meet other students who I might not have in my classes and just get more involved with the school community.”

But her reasons go much deeper than just wanting to start a club. Crafting has been in her family since she was young, and this, though something she loves dearly, is something her friends wished they had when they were her age.

“I’m a pretty creative person, I like art but I think I like crafting specifically like sewing, knitting…because I can make things I don’t already use.” she says “A lot of my friends are like ‘Oh I wish I had somewhere where I could’ve learned that growing up’ so that’s why I wanted to do it in school because my mom taught me how to knit growing up.”

With the craft club, she wishes to have a laid back and fun vibe to make kids feel peaceful after a long day.

“We just had our first meeting…and because everyone’s learning right now, I’d say [its] a little more high energy because everyone wants to make sure they’re doing everything correctly… but once people are a little more comfortable and familiar with how to knit and can start to help one another, I’m excited for it to be a chill place [where we can] decompress after school.”

Ms. Felber is attempting to teach all interested lessons on how to knit, crochet, and sew with possible adjustments to the itinerary as time goes forward.

“I’m trying to teach people all together.. And if  you wanna just come hang out, there’s coloring books and stuff. Once people know how to [craft] on their  own… than people can start to be more independent.”

The craft club is currently meeting every Tuesday from 3-4 in Ms. Felbers room (212).

“I would love for anyone to get involved but especially people who don’t already know how to knit or crochet.”- Sigal Felber