FLC’s New Nurse

Welcome FLC’s nurse, Donna Fields!
Welcome FLC’s nurse, Donna Fields!
Semayah Smith

Last year at FLC, there hasn’t been a nurse who was fully present. This year, Donna Fields arrived in room 111.

Donna Fields who was raised in Philadelphia grew up witnessing illnesses. Due to her experiences, Fields focused on becoming a nurse to contribute to a better society.

“I saw a lot of illnesses; not only within my family but within my community, and I continued to see those illnesses; whether its focus on health or mental well-being,” said Fields. “So, I want to contribute to a better society because of my experiences.”

With a bit of confusion regarding her choice of career, Fields was still able to pick herself back up and accomplish her goal in life.

“I went to community college right out of high school. I was juggling a lot and I did need to repeat a few courses,” said Fields. “But especially with my bachelor’s degree in nursing, school was difficult. [But] with my masters, I went during the pandemic so it honestly gave me fulfillment [at] a time where a lot of people felt like everything else [had] left them.”

With the pandemic in 2019 that led to everyone staying in a shelter, Fields felt that it was much easier on her end. She was able to put more time and effort into her dedication to nursing.

“There were no other obstacles or obligations that I had to commit to at that time because everything was pretty much shut down,” she said. “So I got to put all my energy into my family and my education.”

Before arriving at FLC, Fields worked at a hospital which allowed her to work with others, be in a group, and have a schedule prepared. Whereas for patient arrivals at FLC, appointments are not made and Fields had to meet patients on her own.

“Coming from the hospital it’s a different type of environment because you’re working one-on-one with patients,” she said. “Here at FLC, there are about 700 students at least. So, it’s a change and I like to embrace change so, I’m going to just take it one day at a time and I do enjoy the environment and the students.”

When Fields is free, she likes to fill up her time with her hobbies. She is a very peaceful and adventurous woman.

“I love to jog and meditate and spend time with my family; be out in nature.”

Donna Fields dedicated her life to becoming a nurse by accomplishing her degrees through different colleges. As FLC’s new nurse, Ms. Fields would love to welcome everyone.

“I just want to thank you all for welcoming me. I appreciate it. I love the staff and the students. And yeah, I look forward to a great year.”

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