Hidden Talents


Maya Williams

Hidden talents.

Phatamarha Noel

In FLC, talent can be found in every corner. We have a wide range of art, dance, and music majors. The murals sprawl up on the walls, and the recitals, and school musicals are showcased every year. Throughout the day, music can be heard ringing through the halls. It is undeniable that these showcase FLC in a way that cannot go unnoticed. But one thing students may have not noticed here is that many students with very special talents never get their moment in the spotlight. 


Take Gabriella DiGiacomo for example, she’s a medical assisting major who enjoys drawing. Though she loves art, she did not want to apply as an art major.


“I’m worried that if I pursue an art career, I may not find much work or may not make a comfortable amount of money. I chose medical [assisting] because it’s a subject I hardly have trouble with and jobs in the medical field pay well,” DiGiacomo says.


This can be very true since careers such as painting are known to reign in a low salary. However, studio art majors do tend to start with a higher base salary than medical assisting majors and tend to start their careers with less debt.


Felix Acosta, a computer science major, had a different story to tell. Felix loves music and has a fondness for playing the guitar.


“I haven’t been able to recently due to not finding room for it but the spark of wanting to do it never died. In fact, it’s gotten bigger now with guitar videos popping up and with two animes I’ve watched recently (bocchi the rock and k-on) being about bands. It’s gotten me more motivated to commit to learning and playing instruments again,” said Felix


“While I do find music fun, I don’t see myself doing it as a career, just a simple hobby”


Oftentimes, when hobbies become careers, it sucks the enjoyment out of something that previously gave a person life. Instead of it being done because of the love for the hobby, it’s now done because of the need to survive. 


Khayrah Fields, a college prep major, had a different experience from both of them. She enjoys dancing and actively sought it in her education. 


“I got into dancing [in] my elementary school days like Dubsmash and dance battles because it was cool back then and then later I enrolled into a dance school in 6th grade,” she said. 


“I’m not a dance major simply because I hate ballet. The dancing I like to do is hip hop and it’s just for funsies like a hobby.”


The dance major incorporates many different styles of dance but ballet is a noticeable key aspect of it. 


All of these students had major talents but also had their reasons as to why they didn’t want that to be their main focus in FLC. Everyone has a path that they want to follow. But incorporating non artistic majors into artistic activities could shine a light on FLC’s talented students. Until then, they’ll just have to remain hidden talents.