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An FLC student enjoying their rap music.

The Stigmatization of Rap Music

Phatamarha Noel December 19, 2023

“God will judge my heart, man will judge my actions.” -Tupac Shakur Imagine this: you’re watching a music video of a rap song from an artist you’ve been a fan of for a while. Maybe it's their...

Two FLC students excitedly entering the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Philly Museums: More Than Just Mundane

Maya Williams December 19, 2023

Where can you go to spend time with friends after school, create artwork, and do things like run rampant inside a beating human heart? Museums! Hold up, I know what you’re probably thinking. “Nobody...

A student reading an intriguing story.

Books With Minority Main Characters

De'Andre Bevins and Phatamarha Noel December 19, 2023

Let's be honest- reading books can sometimes be boring. But it's inevitable for books to be uninteresting if you feel distant from the characters. Finding your race, gender, sexuality, or cultural background...

Photo of We the Youth made by Keith Haring.

Keith Haring’s Grip on the Art Scene

Maya Williams December 19, 2023

Around the city, you’ve probably seen simple, colorful characters dancing together on a bright background; symbols of hearts with legs and smiling faces; or even simplified animals such as dogs.  These...

Localhost player plays a friendly round of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate during weekly tournament

Localhost: e-sports and gaming are just a few blocks away

Maya Williams May 26, 2023

If you’re looking for something to do after school, or even just in your free time, you should consider checking out Local- host. Localhost is an Esports internet cafe that allows patrons to rent computers...

Student listening to music and studying

How does music improve students’ study experience?

Laila Warrick May 26, 2023

CORRECTION: The May 15, 2023 print edition of this article was falsely attributed to Maya Williams. She did create the illustration but did not write the article.  As a high school student,...

Ideas imposing upon traditional arts.

Is traditional art going out of style?

Aidan Kingcade May 26, 2023

Traditional art has changed “countless times” throughout human history, and there are many ways people can do art even now. The main point of art is to express oneself in their own manner.,...

Students cooking.

The beauty of culinary arts

Kyndra Patterson March 9, 2023

Creativity, culture, and affection. These are some of the many aspects of culinary arts that can draw people in and cause them to savor the craft. Cooking can be a means of escape and can teach many lessons...

Youth watching television.

Is Euphoria an accurate depiction of FLC?

Phatamarha Noel March 9, 2023

With the rise in popularity of the HBO show Euphoria, many have come to examine the depiction of teenage life and question whether it is accurate or grossly exaggerated.    Euphoria’s story...

Hidden talents.

Hidden Talents

Phatamarha Noel March 9, 2023

In FLC, talent can be found in every corner. We have a wide range of art, dance, and music majors. The murals sprawl up on the walls, and the recitals, and school musicals are showcased every year. Throughout...

The film is cut.

Cancellation of animated shows are ruining the industry

Jayden Ludwig and Keyshawn Ward-Delisme March 9, 2023

Animation has been a mass source of entertainment for western audiences for over a century. From the early days of rubber hose animation in the 1930s to feature-length movies like minions today. With the...

Ms. Frank, a vocal music teacher at FLC, guides her students and creates a lighthearted and musical classroom environment.

Music majors run into a “rock-y” start

Phatamarha Noel December 20, 2022

With the new school year, many students are excited to start fresh by fixing the problems they struggled with in 2021. But music majors, in particular, are coming face to face with a challenge they’d...

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