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COVID-19 myths debunked

COVID-19 myths debunked

Ace Ludwig March 18, 2020

With so many people talking about coronavirus safety, it's important to be able to tell the difference between myths and facts. Here is the truth about some popular COVID-19 misconceptions.

Xinjiang, China

Identity Stripped Away from Uyghur Muslims in China

Sophia Cisse January 31, 2019

By Sophia Cisse An estimated ten million Uyghur Muslims face ethnic separatism and are being forced into concentration camps in the Western region of Xinjiang, China. These camps were created to “re-educate”...

Contributing Illustrator Paladin Jenkins

Migrant Caravans Continue to Head for U.S. Border

Yailine Soto January 31, 2019

After facing violence and discrimination in their home countries, thousands of migrants from Central America continue to join caravans fleeing to the US-Mexico border. The migrant caravan of late...

The Science of the Seasons

The Science of the Seasons

Jessica Munz April 4, 2018

Author: Jessica Munz   Fall, Winter, Spring, and summer are all parts of the seasons. We’ve always heard about the seasons changing but why do they actually change? “The seasons are basically...

Photo taken for The Flash by Daisy Toledo Mald

Puerto Ricans Set to Leave After Hurricane Maria Limits Resources

Hannah Woodruff December 18, 2017

The future of Puerto Rico has been irrevocably altered due to the hurricane. With the exact figures on the extent of damages and the costs for repairs unknown, Puerto Ricans are in desperate need of resources....

The Potential Dangers of a Supervolcano

The Potential Dangers of a Supervolcano

Jessica Munz December 4, 2017

Everyone knows about the dinosaurs and the ice age but there were four more events in Earth's past that have wiped out all living things. Last year NASA announced that we are overdue for a world wide extinction...

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