Not the Cat’s Pajamas


Dariana Garcia-Bernabe

The Snow Creature is a black and white science fiction/horror film from 1954 starring Paul Langton as Dr. Frank Parrish and Lock Martin as the yeti. The film takes place in “two acts” the first when the crew is searching for the yeti in the Himalayan mountains and the second takes place in California where the yetti escapes. The Snow Creature starts off with B-roll of the snowy Himalayan mountains as Dr. Parrish recounts the events that happened with the discovery of the yeti. What started off as a scientific expedition turns soon into a rescue mission, once Subra the main guides’ wife is kidnapped by the yeti. All of the crew members are eager to start the mission, expect Dr. Parrish and his friends who remain skeptical. This skepticism soon dissolves once the crew enters the yeti’s cave and Dr. Parrish sees giant footprints. This leads them to the yeti. Then there is a “cave in” this results in the yeti being knocked out unconscious. The crew capture him. This is where act two takes place. The yeti is placed in a freezer as he is sent to California with Dr. Parrish. Once they arrive at airport, there is a delay. The yeti is able to escape and soon begins to terrorize the city. The police and Dr. Parrish begin the search. The climax takes place in the sewers, the men finally battle the creature. They trap it in a net, yet struggles against it when the yeti chokes one of the men. This results with one of the men shoot at the creature, killing it.  The film has cliche “scary movie” moments, like the main character being skeptical and the one where the main character hears a noise and has to go investigate. The dialogue is very short and simple, mostly about the rescue and the yeti. However, there are some areas of improvement. Like the scenes were the crew are at the Himalayan mountains would have been more realistic and dramatic if it was snowing, the film never states if Subra’s wife is found, and it is hard to see the yeti due to lighting. Something interesting is that throughout the film the theme or wind can be heard, yet when the yeti is seen there is silence. My favorite line is, “Instead of flowers i brought you a yeti.”  Overall, I would recommend it, if you are bored and have an hour to waste. This film is not the best but it’s not the worst. Almost like King-Kong (2005) but shorter and less interesting. I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars.