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The Flash

Photo of Kathryn Reinl portrait-style

Combating ADHD

Hasana Abdullah, Contributing Writer April 7, 2022

Many people often associate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms in school with the students. However, some teachers struggle with it as well, but are just overlooked. Franklin Learning...

Franklin Learning Center staff Sherrie Richardson. Talking into the handheld transceiver.

Focus on Sherrie Richardson

Dareen Alfroukh March 29, 2022

Many important jobs go unnoticed, stuck in the shadows. It’s no different concerning schools. Sherrie Richardson works as a climate staff member at Franklin Learning Center and most students don’t...

Photography of MJ portrait-style. Smiling at the camera.

MJ Brings Happiness To FLC

Zaynab Hajali, Staff Writer March 29, 2022

“Is there anything MJ brings to the classroom that other teachers don’t? Happiness.” Caring, kind, warm, fun, easy to relate to, and friendly. She isn’t a teacher, although she is respected...

Christina Whitt, mural club faculty advisor, wipes the girls’ bathroom counter

Mural Club Brings Colors To The Walls

Phatamarha Noel, Staff Writer March 29, 2022

Picture this, you’re winding down after a long day, blasting your favorite song in your headphones, and painting a mural that you know you’ll be proud of for years to come. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t...

Leo Bender knows what it is like to be misgendered at FLC

Life as a transgender high school student

Shapri Singleton, Contributing Writer December 22, 2021

Leo Bender was young when he realized that he was transgender. This came as a surprise to him and his family. He did not fully understand the change he was going through but as he grew up things started...

FLC cautiously adds flag football

FLC cautiously adds flag football

Mahala Fox December 22, 2021

Do you ever wonder how the sports here at Franklin Learning Center are selected? Have you thought about why we don’t have a football team? Megan Condit, the Athletic Director at FLC, is the one to...

Nurse Megan Blunt sees a student during her first week at FLC

School nurse adapts to working in pandemic

Debora Oquendo-Serrano and Omar Mumin December 22, 2021

Update: Franklin Learning Center’s full-time nurse vacancy has been filled. Nurse Megan Blunt will now be working in the nurse’s office daily, with support from Gina Hall every other Monday. Franklin...

In addition to keeping the library, Johnson also works to greet students in the hallway.

Judith Johnson keeps the library feeling peaceful

Danny Tran, Contributing Writer December 21, 2021

As the lunch bell rings, Franklin Learning Center climate staffer Judith Johnson waits at her desk in the library to greet students and create a peaceful environment for them during their brief break before...

Kern keeps her library current to encourage reading.

Heidi Kern finds hope in teaching English and Spanish

Nelda Mercedes-Aquino, Contributing Writer December 21, 2021

Most students look at teachers as just educational instructors and don't worry about what the person who is giving them knowledge goes through every day. Heidi Kern is an English and Spanish educator at...

FLC grad turns fashion dreams into reality in NYC

FLC grad turns fashion dreams into reality in NYC

Damein Williams March 3, 2021

Kristian Lorén Lopez graduated from FLC as an art major in 2005. Now she is a fashion designer, thriving in NYC. Earlier this year, she talked with us and gave us a look into how it was possible for...

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