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Students talking to each other in different languages.

Making progress: Improvements made for non-native English speakers at FLC

Editoral Board December 19, 2023

In a past article published by The Flash in 2020, which only focused on students in the NLA program–not FLC’s non-native English speaker community as a whole, a number of grievances were addressed....

An FLC Senior (On right) debunking to a freshman (On left) their worries and stereotypes they hear about high school.

A senior letter to young freshmen

Quinton Washington December 19, 2023

A new year has just begun, and new freshmen have entered FLC. During an FLC student’s freshman year, they are introduced to a whole new environment. Things like a diverse group of students, and being...

Two students casually joking about suicide.

Dark Humor’s Conseqences

Laila Warrick December 19, 2023

Over the years, the topic of suicide has become one that is less taboo and more acceptable to talk about. With the help of media and assemblies, it’s something that feels more tangible to us as well....

A Muslim student named Han Ni Oo is eating fries for lunch at Franklin Learning Center.

Halal Meal option should be added at FLC daily lunch

Uyen-Nghi Phuong Nguyen December 19, 2023

Franklin Learning Center does not serve Halal food for Muslim students. Making sure that students can get lunch at school is very important. Is our school taking care of its students?  Not everyone...

A student upset about poor grades next to another delighted by a good grade.

How Important are Grades?

Maya Williams December 19, 2023

All students have grades and all students are worried about grades in one way or another. Maintaining good grades, making up bad grades, whether a test will decrease or increase your grade. Worrying about...

Safety on the way to school

Safety on the way to school

The Flash Editorial Board May 26, 2023

Philadelphia is ranked 7th in the ”Most Dangerous Cities to Live In” list, with moderately increasing rates of homicide, assault, and other crimes. While gun violence on a decline in the...

Teen upset about having to go nowhere

Nowhere To Go: Philly’s recreation problem

Laila Warrick May 26, 2023

The average teenager has a ton on their plate. Keeping up with grades, preparing for college, and finding an after-school job are the normal things young adults can keep themselves busy...

FLC students at FLCs Snowball Dance held in the cafetiera on December 10th, 2018.

Are school dances worth your time and money?

Sophia Sok May 26, 2023

February 17th 2023, Franklin Learning Center’s student council held a Mardi Gras dance from 6pm-9pm in FLC's marble lobby. There was no dress code but there was a theme. However, the attendance...

FLC senior explains the past Wednesday schedule to an underclassman.

What happened to the Wednesday schedule?

Zaynab Hajali March 9, 2023

As seniors graduating this year, it is our job to tell how Franklin Learning Center used to be before the pandemic. We had only gotten a little more than half of our freshman year in person, but those...

The film is cut.

Cancellation of animated shows are ruining the industry

Jayden Ludwig and Keyshawn Ward-Delisme March 9, 2023

Animation has been a mass source of entertainment for western audiences for over a century. From the early days of rubber hose animation in the 1930s to feature-length movies like minions today. With the...

Are uniforms suppressing self expression?

Uniforms and conformity

Maya Williams March 9, 2023

Clothes are a common and important form of self expression, especially to young people. Especially in America, the idea of freedom heavily influences what people say and do, and clothes are no exception...

A map of all the Pathways to Graduation provided.

Act 158 should be pushed back

Jenna McKenzie March 9, 2023

Act 158 Should Be Pushed Back   On October 24, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 158 into law. However, certain circumstances delayed the execution of the act. Beginning with the class of 2023,...

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