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Should schools have mental health days?

Should schools have mental health days?

Jenna McKenzie December 21, 2022

What Exactly is a Mental Health Day? It is no secret that everyone stresses. When your daily roles and responsibilities overwhelm you, you may find yourself on the verge of burnout, a state of physical...

5 pillars symbolizing 5 priorities holding up the 440 Building with a 100 day plan banner over it.

100 day plan

Phatamarha Noel December 20, 2022

Following Dr. Tony Watlington’s appointment as the new superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, Watlington, a previous superintendent of North Carolina, shared a list of five priorities...

Mike Wallace who has been in the tower industry for 11 years shows off the great view of what its like being up above.

Telecommunications technician makes a living in the sky

Calin Connor-Wadsworth December 20, 2022

Mike Wallace is a 39 year old telecommunications tower technician. He builds cell phone towers and installs antennas, radios, and fiber optic cables for a company called Transylvania Construction LLC. Mike...

The stand on the left stays sparse with students who have no fines. While the one on the right is packed with students who have fines to pay and missing IDs.

Should FLC use student fines?

The Flash Editorial Board December 20, 2022

Although fining a child may seem like a crazy concept, it is a reality. Franklin Learning Center has a policy in which fines are given to students as a consequence for losing or even forgetting their student...

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION | Finding a comfortable area with no distractions such as a library can help you with your studies, allowing you to get good grades.

10 Steps To Getting Straight A’s

Shapri Singleton, Ombudswoman September 13, 2022

Transitioning from middle school into high school isn't easy. The curriculum that you learn may not be as similar as to what it was in middle school. For some freshmen this transition isn't easy because...

Bring Back Culture Day!

Bring Back Culture Day!

Zaynab Hajali, Staff Writer April 7, 2022

We have a lot of diversity at Franklin Learning Center, but culture is never really celebrated. I remember in middle school we had a culture day. Everyone wore their traditional clothing, shared some...

The School District of Philadelphia.

Virtual School In Disguise

Jenna McKenzie, Contributing Writer March 29, 2022

As missing assignments once again start piling up and students cry out in frustration, we’re left to wonder what went wrong.  Over the years, our school system and curriculum have changed and adapted...

How Should African American History Be Taught In Schools?

How Should African American History Be Taught In Schools?

Yves-Melsein Metellusand and Omar Mumin, Staff Writer March 29, 2022

In 1967, a group of 3,500 Philadelphia students marched down Broad Street to the Board of Education, hoping to protest for Black rights and Black studies. Among their demands: the right to wear traditional...

Photo Illustration: Franklin Learning Center student skipping class

Cutting with Consequences

The Flash Editorial Board March 28, 2022

Anthony Guidice, Assistant Principal at Franklin Learning Center, sent out a Google Classroom message on February 8th for all graduating classes informing students of the consequences for cutting class.  The...

The girls locker room is currently locked and unavailable

Girl’s locker room

Zaynab Hajali, Staff writer December 22, 2021

Franklin Learning Center’s girls locker room can be described as one thing, mortifying. It’s an embarrassment to even call it a locker room due to the fact that it is far from what an ideal locker...

Weekly dress down days will raise spirits

Weekly dress down days will raise spirits

Aja Nakamura, Contributing Writer December 22, 2021

A dress code is enforced on the Franklin Learning Center student body. Although there are good aspects worth acknowledging, there should be an adjustment made for the betterment of FLC. A weekly dress-down...

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