Girl’s locker room


Nunu Ra

The girls locker room is currently locked and unavailable

Zaynab Hajali, Staff writer

Franklin Learning Center’s girls locker room can be described as one thing, mortifying. It’s an embarrassment to even call it a locker room due to the fact that it is far from what an ideal locker room should aim to be and look like. Multiple students at FLC have been voicing their concerns about the locker room, but no changes have been made. A former student, Emely Seda, actually wrote an article about the girls locker room back in 2018, and the conditions she described are still relevant to this day. In her article, she writes, “There’s mold, rust in the showers and paint peeling off the walls.” Looking at the locker room today, at the end of 2021, mold, rust, and peeling paint can all be clearly seen. Disregarding the period of time when no one was in the building, it’s still unacceptable that everything’s still the same. 

Students at FLC were given a short survey asking about how they feel about the locker room and here are a few of their responses. To the question, “what was your first impression of the locker room?”, multiple students expressed that it was, “dirty.” That says more than enough, but here are a few more responses, “Unhygienic and dark,” “looks abandoned,” “I never went inside, but I saw pictures and it looks scary.” Students aren’t happy with the conditions of the locker room and since they are the ones expected to use it, their opinions are the most important.

Discolored stalls in the girls locker room.

The boy’s locker room got redone a few years back and theirs is in a better condition than the girls. Students were asked how they felt about this and here’s what they had to say. A student at flc who would like to remain anonymous says, “I believe that some people will think that the girls won’t use it or won’t care about their locker room but that is not true. Some girls play sports as well and it’s not right to put them in that condition. The girls locker room at least deserves a decent clean-up so everyone can feel comfortable.” Batoul Ayyash, a former flc girls volleyball player, claims she would, “practice in my uniform just so I don’t have to change in the locker room.” She is probably not the only one who did this, and that is truly unacceptable. 

Considering the fact that Franklin Learning Center is a diverse school and is made up of not only boys, but other genders too, ones who may identify as girls, it should be able to provide the same treatment to all it’s students. The difference in the locker rooms is drastic and if FLC wants to do the best it can for its students, there needs to be change for the girls locker room.