Are school dances worth your time and money?


Bwe Ku

FLC students at FLCs Snowball Dance held in the cafetiera on December 10th, 2018.

Sophia Sok

February 17th 2023, Franklin Learning Center’s student council held a Mardi Gras dance from 6pm-9pm in FLC’s marble lobby. There was no dress code but there was a theme. However, the attendance was low compared to FLC’s past dances. The cost was $10 per person, it included a mask and beaded necklaces to wear. Due to the cost, not many students thought that the dance would be worth their time and money.

Dareen Alfroukh, a sophomore at FLC and she went to the Mardi Gras dance. “In my opinion, I find school dances to be a fun and exciting place for students to go where they’re in a safe environment and not out on the streets doing dumb things and irresponsible with no supervision,” says Alfroukh.

According to what Alfroukh says, coming to school dances is definitely worth your time because you get to have fun with your friends in a safe environment and away from your parents. Dareen says school dances are worth your time but will it be worth the amount of money spent too because every school dance has a price to it.

“See, part of school dances is that they need the money to raise up and buy all the things for the school dances so I find it just a couple bucks between 4 to 10 is fine. It’s definitely understandable if not too much, so I think it’s fine.” Alfroukh says “Anything they buy, they could always reuse it so it can always be worth it..”

“The amount of money that you spend on looking nice and the dance itself is worth it,” says Alfroukh. Even though the cost was $10, it is worth your time and money. Prices are reasonable and explainable, it’s not a huge amount so it is worth your money.

Speaking of prices, Colleen Krakauskas (Mrs. K), FLC’s Dean of Students and the person that establishes/creates FLC school dances says, “The prices I come up with are usually fundraisers for different groups.” in regards to prices for the dances she plans.

Krakauskas continues to explain the reason for creating school dances, “So it’s just something that’s kind of fun and it’s a good social thing” she said.

Dareen Alfroukh explains her experience at the Mardi Gras dance and her opinions on the price of it. Ms. K explains her way of coming up with the prices of the dance and the reason for which she establishes a dance in the first place.

“I find this to be a great way for our school and community to have a good time together without there and without there being any drama. I find it to be very calming,” says Alfroukh. “And I guess the word could be togetherness. We were always at the school dances. It is a way to experience high school in a new site.”