10 Steps To Getting Straight A’s

Shapri Singleton, Ombudswoman

Transitioning from middle school into high school isn’t easy. The curriculum that you learn may not be as similar as to what it was in middle school. For some freshmen this transition isn’t easy because it is more complicated to manage good grades. As a student who got all A’s my freshman year I have found 10 ways to get and manage these grades. This is a guide for freshmen but this guide can be used for all grade levels in high school and beyond. 

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION | Finding a comfortable area with no distractions such as a library can help you with your studies, allowing you to get good grades. (Shapri Singleton)

Step 1: Be consistent with your work

A majority of bad grades come from inconsistency with work and not getting it done. Therefore the first step to an easy A is to get the assignment done thoroughly. When you are consistent with your work and turn in your assignments on time it will put less stress on you and allow you time to get work done for other classes. 

Step 2: Be Organized 

In high school you have 6 classes, and when it comes to managing the classes it is best to stay organized. For example, having separate notebooks and folders for your classes so that you work does not get mixed up. When you are organized you have more control over what work you have to get done and it won’t pile on. Another way you can be organized is by making a list of assignments you have to do. It can help remember what assignments you have and it can help you to remember to get them done. 

Step 3: Find a good working environment

When you are in a good working environment you can focus much more on whatever you have to do. A working environment should be quiet, with not many people around, and little to no distractions so that you have a focused mindset and you are able to get all of your work done.

Step 4: Figure out how you like to study

Studying is something that you can do any way you want as long as it works best for you. For example, some people accomplish more when they are listening to music and it focuses their attention rather than listening to the background noise which can be a distraction for them. 

Step 5: Avoid distractions

It is very easy for some people to get distracted when they are trying to focus. They tend to get distracted by their phones or what is going on in their surroundings. 

Ways this can be avoided is by

  • Putting your phone in a different area so you aren’t tempted to use it
  • Go to a quiet area or someplace there isn’t a lot going in the background
  • Find a space you are comfortable and know you will be able to focus
PHOTO ILLUSTRATION | Being productive with your schoolwork can really help you when it comes to fulfilling your academic goals. (Shapri Singleton)

Step 6: Stay on top of your teachers

You may have heard that you need to stay on top of your grades but you also have to stay on top of your teachers. This means addressing teachers when you have a problem with your grade or don’t necessarily understand why you got that grade. The best way to do this is simply talk to your teacher in class or email them regarding the issue. 

Step 7: Ask for help

For some students it may be hard for them to ask for help but that is the best thing to do when you don’t understand something. It is best to ask questions because if you don’t and you go about doing things your own way your work may not be correct. If it is incorrect then you could get a grade that you are not so happy with. You don’t always have to ask a teacher for help, you can ask another student but asking a teacher is the best option because they can explain it to you in a way that you can understand.

Step 8: Get things done before the due date

Getting things done before the due date is very helpful. When you get things done early it allows you to have time to go over whatever it was you were working on and check it before you turn it in. When taking this time to check your work it gives you time to make sure that you put your best effort forward and do it correctly so that you can get a good grade. It also gives you time to focus on more important assignments you may have in another class. 

Step 9: Go to all your classes

Going to all your classes is a must when it comes to getting good grades. Coming to class in general is already part of your grade. When you don’t go to class you lose participation points and you miss out on whatever the lesson was that day. Then since you missed out it is up to you to catch up on your work and if you don’t it can fall back on you.

Step 10: Find a Way To Relieve Stress

Trying to get straight Aʼs can be a hassle and can cause you to feel burdened or stressed. Therefore the final step is to find a way to relieve that stress so that you feel at ease with everything. There are many ways to relieve stress, the best thing to do is find a stress reliever that works for you.

Ways to relieve stress: 

  • Listening to music
  • Going to sleep
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Having a good meal
  • Talking/Writing about what is stressing you

Maintaining good grades can be hard work, so after all the effort you put in, you should take some time to relax and celebrate. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished!