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Teen upset about having to go nowhere

Nowhere To Go: Philly’s recreation problem

Laila Warrick May 26, 2023

The average teenager has a ton on their plate. Keeping up with grades, preparing for college, and finding an after-school job are the normal things young adults can keep themselves busy...

Are uniforms suppressing self expression?

Uniforms and conformity

Maya Williams March 9, 2023

Clothes are a common and important form of self expression, especially to young people. Especially in America, the idea of freedom heavily influences what people say and do, and clothes are no exception...

Naruto incorrectly refers to Shikamaru as a boomer to trigger him.

“OK Boomer”: Insult or meme

Jalen Stokes January 16, 2020

Naruto incorrectly refers to Shikamaru as a boomer to trigger him. If you’ve been on the internet at all lately, you may have seen the phrase “OK Boomer” appear somewhere on social media, hoodies,...

Two backpacks, as seen through Officer Richardson’s scanner · Staff Photographer Negar Ghasemi

FLC’s Need for More Security

April 4, 2018

Author: The Flash Editoral Board   Lately, schools are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping their occupants safe during the school day. Many schools across the country are re-evaluating...

A police officer, seen with a body camera on his uniform · Photo reprinted with permission from Ryan Johnson

The Eye of a Camera Never Blinks

Franchesca Carrera April 4, 2018

Author: Franchesca Carrera (Published in conjunction with the Philadelphia Inquirer)   It records any and all activities and action within range.  In other words, the camera doesn't lie, either. On...

Intérpretes para Conferencias de las Notas

Intérpretes para Conferencias de las Notas

Maria Santos February 16, 2018

En muchas escuelas, hay padres que no hablan inglés que tienen problemas comunicándose con los profesores. Esto especialmente puede ser difícil durante conferencias entre los padres y profesores. ...

Can Education Solve Our Consent Problems?

Can Education Solve Our Consent Problems?

February 15, 2018

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have”  - Oprah Winfrey, Golden Globe Awards, 2018 Oprah Winfrey is one of many well known celebrities who have survived rape or sexual assault....

Americas Gun Problem Demands Action

America’s Gun Problem Demands Action

January 25, 2018

Over the span of 20 years the amount of mass shootings in America has risen drastically. The mass shootings seen today on television are no less barbarous than the mass shootings seen in the past, but...

by Staff Photographer Selena Cuapio-Rodriguez
A print version of this story mistakenly credited Bwe Ku for this photo.

SEPTA Must Improve Safety Regulations

Hannah Woodruff January 22, 2018

As winter approaches, the possibility of an increase in SEPTA accidents is evident. Such a large business should be able to ensure the safety of passengers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with...

Five Dollar Fine For Being Out Of Uniform

Five Dollar Fine For Being Out Of Uniform

Genesis Tejada-Peralta October 26, 2016

  Fining students has become a major part of school districts; not just in Pennsylvania but all across the United States. In Texas state regulations allow individual districts to charge students...

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