Behind the scenes of a night to remember


Staff photographer Phatamarha Noel, arts and entertainment editor.

FLC students dance and cheer on the dancefloor waiting for universal language to perform. Staff photographer Phatamarha Noel, arts and entertainment editor.

Phatamarha Noel

As the last balloon falls and  the final streamer is stripped from the marble hall, many students are left to reminisce about homecoming and wonder what led up to that fateful night.

Red Cross Club members in particular were rushing to set up the concessions and activities.

“Me & my club members are volunteering to set up tables to sell food, snacks, & drinks. [We also set] up a photo booth to allow students to take pictures & capture memories of their first dance at FLC,” says Zimera High, the treasurer of the Red Cross Club.

Malika Turner, the Red Cross Club’s Social Secretary described her experience as “stressful just because we have to keep count of who’s coming and who’s playing what role.”

She explains “we put a lot of effort and planning into this for the enjoyment of the school.”

But Zimera described her experience as “fun”.

She further explains “I believe the dance in its entirety will only be fun if a lot of people show up.”

Zimera says brainstorming ideas has been her favorite part of this experience while Malika says it was bonding with friends.

Universal Language, on the other hand, had a different set of responsibilities–Entertainment. Universal Language is one of the many cover bands created and endorsed by FLC.

Kimberly Carroll, a vocalist in the band described her contributions to homecoming.

“How I’ve been contributing to homecoming is by simply being there, ALSO I will be performing.”

She says she expects this homecoming to “hopefully, be great and a night to remember. My favorite aspect of this experience will be preparing my outfit for the event.”

Naim Robinson, a drummer in the band, had similar expectations but from a different perspective.

“This will be my first time playing at a homecoming dance, yet also my first year being a part of Universal Language.”

Despite this, he thinks “the end result will be successful and fun. Even though this is my first time, I feel as though everyone in attendance will enjoy themselves after a night filled with music and dancing.”

He described preparations for homecoming as an “eventful and new experience.”

Both Red Cross Members and Universal Language members have worked hard to create a night we’ll never forget.