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Roadside memorial for a lost life.

Gun violence: there needs to be a change

Zaynab Hajali January 21, 2020

Roadside memorial for a lost life. Gun violence needs to stop. A statement that many already know is true, but is anyone doing anything about it? It feels like no one is doing anything to put an end...

Design Editor Elijah Collins

Guns for Teachers

Maria Biaggi January 31, 2019

In October 2018, the Tamaqua School District was set to be the first school district in Pennsylvania to allow teachers to carry guns. Due to the number of school shootings in the past years which caught...

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is selling an #ArmMeWith shirt to raise money for their newspaper.

Trump Wrongly Proposes Arming Teachers with Guns

Genesis Tejada-Peralta March 13, 2018

Author: Genesis Tejada-Peralta It appears as if the Trump administration is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect Americans from gun violence. Everything except banning guns. On February...

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