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Teammates from Franklin Learning Center and Parkway join hands in their huddle before playing.

Badminton: building teamwork one game at a time

Dahslee Hernandez May 26, 2023

Franklin Learning Center and Parkway Center City have a joint badminton team. The team is for girls only although boys are welcome to come practice. This club where no experience is required...

Ideas imposing upon traditional arts.

Is traditional art going out of style?

Aidan Kingcade May 26, 2023

Traditional art has changed “countless times” throughout human history, and there are many ways people can do art even now. The main point of art is to express oneself in their own manner.,...

FLC students at FLCs Snowball Dance held in the cafetiera on December 10th, 2018.

Are school dances worth your time and money?

Sophia Sok May 26, 2023

February 17th 2023, Franklin Learning Center’s student council held a Mardi Gras dance from 6pm-9pm in FLC's marble lobby. There was no dress code but there was a theme. However, the attendance...

Naomi flaunts her newly dyed red hair, just getting out of the saloon.

An artist finds creativity in dyslexia

Quinton Johnson March 9, 2023

There’s no such thing as the ‘best’ artist at Franklin Learning Center. Everyone goes at their own pace and flow. There is a student here that I believe applies her creativity in every crevice of...

Students cooking.

The beauty of culinary arts

Kyndra Patterson March 9, 2023

Creativity, culture, and affection. These are some of the many aspects of culinary arts that can draw people in and cause them to savor the craft. Cooking can be a means of escape and can teach many lessons...

Youth watching television.

Is Euphoria an accurate depiction of FLC?

Phatamarha Noel March 9, 2023

With the rise in popularity of the HBO show Euphoria, many have come to examine the depiction of teenage life and question whether it is accurate or grossly exaggerated.    Euphoria’s story...

Hidden talents.

Hidden Talents

Phatamarha Noel March 9, 2023

In FLC, talent can be found in every corner. We have a wide range of art, dance, and music majors. The murals sprawl up on the walls, and the recitals, and school musicals are showcased every year. Throughout...

Are uniforms suppressing self expression?

Uniforms and conformity

Maya Williams March 9, 2023

Clothes are a common and important form of self expression, especially to young people. Especially in America, the idea of freedom heavily influences what people say and do, and clothes are no exception...

PA school funding is ruled unconstitutional

Dahslee Hernandez and Giselle Lozada March 9, 2023

The decision, which comes almost a year after the trial ended and almost ten years after advocacy groups, a number of parents, and six school districts initially brought the lawsuit, orders lawmakers and...

Senior HOSA member Rokhaya Mbengue works on selling roses and candy grams during valentine’s day in attempt to raise money for HOSA’s national leadership conference.

HOSA prepares to go to Nationals

Dahslee Hernandez March 9, 2023

  HOSA, also known as Future Health Professionals, is an organization that prepares and challenges students to enhance their future health care abilities. Like many schools across the country,...

A map of all the Pathways to Graduation provided.

Act 158 should be pushed back

Jenna McKenzie March 9, 2023

Act 158 Should Be Pushed Back   On October 24, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 158 into law. However, certain circumstances delayed the execution of the act. Beginning with the class of 2023,...

FLC social media pages can present as distracting to students school environment.

Dangers of social media present problems for high schools

The Flash Editorial Board March 9, 2023

CORRECTION ; The previous print of this article appeared without a byline. Nowadays, social media has become a significant part of today's society and often has an influential presence. The use of social...

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