Girls basketball takes a victory from PETC and ends game with senior surprise

Dahslee Hernandez, Sports Editor

Franklin Learning Center’s girls basketball team, The Bobcats, achieved a victory against Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter on January 18, 2023. After the 46-37 win, the seniors on the team ended with a surprise.

The girls basketball team this season has made major improvements since last year. Entering this game, the girls came in undefeated at a 2-0 record while the opposing team also entered undefeated at a 3-0 record. 

In the first quarter, forward Makiyah Brunson scored a total 6 points by scoring three two-pointers and guard Naila Valdez scored one two-pointer ending with 8 points in the first quarter. The opposing team scored a total of 4 points this quarter: one two-pointer scored by S. Gaymon and the other by Y. Ramos. This gave the Bobcats a 4 point lead over PETC. 

The second quarter resulted in a three-pointer by Brunson followed by two two-pointers. Brunson made 2 free throws when fouled. Janai Richardson managed to make two two-pointers and Martine Jean-Pierre made one two-pointer. By the end of the second quarter the Bobcats had a total of 15 points and the opposing team had a total of 6 points. This defined the Bobcats’ lead in the game. 

In the third quarter after half time the opposing team started to catch up. With the opposing team making three three-pointers and five two-pointers ending with 19 points. Bobcat Naila Valdez made a three-pointer and a two-pointer while teammate Kayla Sterling made two two-pointers resulting in a total of 9 points by the end of the quarter. The Bobcats still leading by 32-29 they knew they had to quickly retaliate by the next quarter to maintain that lead. 

By the fourth quarter the Bobcats made a series of points. Naila Valdez and Jayla Hairston both made a three-point shot. Makiyah Brunson and Jayla Hairston both made one two-pointer each. Making the most points this quarter Janai Richardson made three two-pointers. The opposing team made 8 total points but the Bobcats made a total of 14 points ending the game in a victory of 46-37. 

The Bobcats victory allowed them to break PETC’s undefeated record. This game allowed the Bobcats to be first in the conference with an overall 3-0 record. 

Makiyah Brunson’s total of 17 points led her to be named player of the game. Brunson by the end of the game said, “We have a lot of stuff we need to work on but in the end we got the win.”

By the end of the game nothing but excitement rallied the team. Coach Condit made a very sentimental and personal speech about each senior on the team: Naila Valdez and Aanaiyah Pugh and senior manager Carmen McKinley-Cruz. The team gave each senior team member a rose along with basketballs with their name on it signed with thoughtful words by teammates. 

After the senior surprise senior Naila Valdez said “I felt really good. It sounds kind of sad because [it’s] my last year and most of them are super new to the team. So I won’t be playing with them for another year. But I’m glad that I got the opportunity to and we won so the senior surprise was a good thing.”