Ms. Arthur brightens FLC’s environment


Staff Photographer Damien Williams.

FLC Kayti Arthur teaches Biology and Environmental Science out of room 216

Damein Williams and Omar Mumin

Kayti Arthur is a Biology and Environmental Science teacher who has been a teacher at FLC just as long as the seniors were freshmen, even before stepping foot into Arthur’s classroom, room 216, you are greeted with the progress pride flag, symbolizing acceptance for all.

“ I think students and staff and adults need to know that a place is safe for them to be who they want to be. And I think that flag is an easy way. And of course, that’s not the only way you can’t just put a flag outside and then don’t, act how you want to be perceived. But I think it’s important for students that this is a safe place. And I want every student to know that when they walk into the building that this is a safe place. And that’s a way I can represent for certain students that I respect their wishes and their lives.”

Teaching and  inspiring the new generation to become the best version of themselves isn’t for everyone, in fact, some people believe being a teacher is not worth being underpaid and overworked, however, Mrs.Arthur knew teaching was her calling,

“ I didn’t always want to become a teacher. But I think I’ve always known that I should be a teacher. And I think I was just fighting it for so long. But I now realize this is what I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life.”

With Arthur’s bubbly personality filling up the classroom each period and the engaging new content she brings to each of her students, Franklin Learning Center has found a gem for a teacher. One of the key factors of being a great teacher is not just love teaching, but loving who you are teaching and Arthur loves each one of her kids.

“My favorite thing about teaching students at FLC is how talented every student at FLC is. The different talents that students bring. And truly how every day is a different day. It doesn’t matter if the day before didn’t go smoothly, you pick yourself up and you move on. And that’s the kind of students that we have.”