Voice acting at a young age


Illustrator Zaynab Hajali.

Voice acting is a talent that highschool student Kayden Levy is passionate about. I

Iyana Hightower

Have you ever thought about what voice actors do? What does a future voice actor do now? How to become a voice actor? Well, I interviewed 16-year-old Kaiden Levy, a video production major who voice acts for fun at an after-school gig at Howell High School. It’s interesting to learn that someone the same age as those you go to school with, has this as a skill. It could be inspiring for those at Franklin Learning Center that are interested in the same thing.

“I officially started voice acting when I was in fourth grade. I unofficially started when I was in second. I started out with voicing hand puppets.”

As a child, Levy used to make hand puppets out of socks and googly eyes with his neighbor, and put on skits. He says he still has them, even as a junior, for the memories.

Kaiden tells who inspired him. “I used to be really into Minecraft. Like, obsessed. There’s this very specific YouTuber. I don’t watch her anymore, but I always watched her. Her name is Aphmau.”

Aphmau, whose real name is Jessica, is a Youtuber who played Minecraft, but made stories with them. She inspired Levy to voice act. Jessica had multiple voice actors for different characters in her stories, but they’ve all moved on to bigger projects such as voice-acting anime dub. Jessica no longer makes Minecraft series, but continues to post roleplay games with her and her friends.

“I used to start auditioning for a bunch of stuff every single day… Well, not every single day, but multiple times a week.”

Levy used to voice act for auditions about 3 times a week and would practice and prepare for the auditions during that time as well. He eventually transitioned to acting and screenwriting. He doesn’t voice act as much as he used to, but it’s still a thing he loves and is passionate about.

“I just pitched a full-blown horror movie to a producer and I’m going to be working on that soon. So…”

Since Kaiden has gotten into screenwriting, he revealed that it has been going really well. He’s now pitching full stories and having fun while making them.

Kaiden is an inspiration, even while so young, he pursues what he finds interesting. He has fun while doing something he loves.