Philadelphia Makes All Schools Sanctuaries


Dylan Howe

Student walking into a sanctuary school.

Jayden Ludwig, Staff Writer

On Tuesday February 22nd, 2022, Superintendent Dr. William Hite issued an email to all teachers and staff in the School District of Philadelphia. The email contained an update about the Welcoming Sanctuary Schools Resolution Plan following the recent news regarding Russia and Ukraine. This plan ensures all students coming in will be protected from immigration enforcement.

In the email, Hite states that

  • Immigration enforcement agents will not be permitted at any school or remain on school grounds, except under emergency circumstances.
  • District employees, volunteers, and contractors are prohibited from asking or sharing with immigraton enforcement agents about students or families regarding immigration status.
  • Any request made by an immigration enforcement agent for information, obtaining documents or to visit a school site, must be immediately forwarded to the Office of General Counsel for review and guidance. 

This means that every school in the School District of Philadelphia will become a Sanctuary School for immigrant students. Schools will accept and protect students of immigrant and refugee families.