Weekly dress down days will raise spirits

Aja Nakamura, Contributing Writer

A dress code is enforced on the Franklin Learning Center student body. Although there are good aspects worth acknowledging, there should be an adjustment made for the betterment of FLC. A weekly dress-down day should accompany FLC’s dress code.

Some believe that dress codes can promote better concentration, less bullying, and school pride. In reality, there are still negative outcomes despite dress codes. The Flash, FLC’s newspaper and primary journalism source, released an article addressing a shooting that took place in the afternoon of September 15th, 2021. 

The article reads, “An altercation led to gunshots on the northeast corner of the school…a lockdown was then issued by school administration”. 

This provoked deep concern from students, staff, their families, and friends. It showed that bad things may still happen with the current dress code in place. It is still worth mentioning, though, that there are still qualities that are useful. 

Even with the negative traits that it carries, the dress code is still helpful. That’s why it doesn’t have to be fully exterminated but simply modified. According to the School District of Philadelphia code of conduct, “Students are expected to follow their school’s dress code so that their appearance does not constitute a health or safety hazard.” 

With the dress code in place, students are safe and are guaranteed a healthy learning environment. The attributes that are presented by a dress code may be fitting for FLC, and have great reason to remain present.

Franklin Learning Center occasionally allows students to be out of the dress code. Those days have clearly had a positive effect on the students as a whole and an even better impact on them individually. When asked for their opinion about spirit week (a week where there is a daily theme for students to coordinate with) many students reacted positively. 

“This is the only time that [students] can express their true colors,” said Nunu Ra, a ninth-grader.

“[It] prompted more student attendance and interest in school activities–it made people want to go to school,” said ninth-grader Emilie Lugo. 

A common word used throughout students’ responses was “fun”. The feedback indicates that the days where students are freed from complying with the dress code are cherished. An occasional break from dress code, like spirit weeks, may be enough to boost student self-expression. But weekly dress-down days are sure to consistently boost morale.

While there are several positives to having a dress code, FLC will greatly benefit from the addition of a weekly dress-down day. It saves time, effort, and energy. One-day-a-week freedom promotes individuality, while the other four days of dress code keep a unified front. Sometimes unfortunate events happen even with a uniform dress code. I believe blending dress code with dress-down days can best serve the students. The advantages combined with flexibility catered to each student will most certainly boost morale throughout the school. The ability to choose empowers students, and the freedom to dress enhances the freedom to learn.