All staff and students to report in person in event of SEPTA strike

Omar Mumin and Dahslee Hernandez

If the ongoing contract dispute between Transport Workers Union (Local 234) and SEPTA doesn’t end with a new contract agreement by October 31, SEPTA workers may choose to strike during the week of November 1st. This strike could mean that most public transportation options will not be available for students and staff to get to school. But in a letter sent to staff early this afternoon, School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite announced that, in the event of a strike, “all School District of Philadelphia schools will remain open for in-person learning.”

Dr. Hite explains that reporting to school in-person gives students a chance to take part in their communities and grasp the social skills in this environment. All schools and offices will remain on the normal schedule along with all school clubs and programs. Staff are expected to report to work as if it was their normal schedule. Students are expected to attend school everyday but, if not possible, students will have to log into classes and work asynchronously through google classroom assignments.