The Good and The Bad of The Lunch Out Program


Tajah Green

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Have you heard of the Lunch-Out Program? Now Franklin Learning Center juniors and seniors both have the opportunity to go out during their respective lunch period to eat off campus. Not only that but seniors can also extend it to their free period!

The lunch-out program is not exactly terrible, especially for the students who don’t enjoy the lunch provided by the school. Why eat a cold, mysterious cheese steak with unsalted fries from the school cafeteria when you can get a hot and tastier cheesesteak with everything you want on it from the pizzeria nearby? Plus, it’s also difficult to get to the lunch room on time before the good lunch choices are gone.

With this program we get a feel of the college life by being allowed to eat off school grounds.

By having the lunch-out program, we can enjoy the food we eat, whatever food we want and wherever we want, as long as you get back to school on time. By going out to eat lunch, you also get the opportunity to spend time with friends and relax instead of being in a crowded lunchroom with limited seats. With this program, we get a feel of the college life by being allowed to eat off school grounds. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text 0=””]

by Nezome Pagan

The lunch-out program may have its benefits, however, dealing with cleanliness issues and the unpredictability of outside events, the lunch-out is overall a bad idea.

Presumably, 30 minutes is a short amount of time to be able to get to your desired location, wait to purchase food, eating lunch and then transportation. This doesn’t include the time that it takes to actually finish the meal; it might ultimately end up becoming a problem with lateness and cuts.

Sadly, Franklin Learning Center isn’t exactly the cleanest. Pest have started to become a real issue within certain classrooms and hallways. Not to mention, the constant littering from students isn’t helping the issue. The lunch out will increase the litter, as it will encourage pests to continue to make appearances at our school.  

Sooner or later, this lunch out could come to bite us all in the back.

FLC is located near Spring Garden, which is usually a busy area and offers several places for students to hang out. Although Spring Garden may appear tame, there are constant issues that occur on a daily basis. The broad street line is a constant stomping ground for flash mobs and fights between other surrounding schools. The 43 bus stop alone is a known spot for phone snatchers. Last Spring, multiple FLC students reported getting their phones snatched right out their hands. Not to forget, most students here don’t have much of a filter, which could cause some disruptions and create a bad image for them and the school. Sooner or later, this lunch out could come to bite us all in the back. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]