Friday, June 5, 2020

May 18, 2020

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Voices of Seniors and Alumni

FLC grad battles COVID at work and home

Daily Quarantine Vlog by Gevon Goddard

From our reporters

Student essential workers struggle to balance work and school

Student essential workers are having to balance work and school during the Coronavirus pandemic, making it hard to decide which to prioritize. May 4th marked the start of online classes for students in the Philadelphia School District after the...

Is Andrew Yang right?

Andrew Yang was once one of presidential candidates for the Democratic party. One of his fundamental campaign policies was “Universal Basic Income.” According to Yang, this meant that “every adult in America...

From the photo desk

PHOTOS: Light Color in Dark Times

In these times there is so much going on and we are all stressed with this whole situation. But we can still find the beauty and peacefulness during these times. So while we are in these times find the beauty's that this...

PHOTOS: 6 Feet apart

Out on a bike ride, I went by a few places that usually aren't too bad on a normal day, only to find them being packed and filled to the brim due to our crisis.

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