New Year, New Victories: FLC boys basketball wins against Swenson


Players from both teams spent some time on the ground during the fourth quarter.

Natali Chacon

Senior starters Syncere Ross and Koren Bullock gain position under a rebound.

The Franklin Learning Center boys basketball team achieved their first victory of 2020 with a closely contested win over Swenson Arts & Technology on January 13. The 67-64 win at Cunningham Recreational Center brings the Bobcats’ record to 4-8.

Swenson brings a 4-5 record into the game; FLC is at 3-8. With both schools having a losing record, a victory in this game would mean a lot.

Although it was a very close game and both teams played well, FLC’s scoring showed Swenson that they have players on the court with great skill. 

The teams spent most of the first half trading small leads, with FLC ending the half down 7: 28-35.

The third quarter brought a change. The Bobcats came out shooting and began scoring more points. As they closed Swenson’s lead, the game became more intense. The crowd got louder and players on the bench joined in cheering on their teammates. 

FLC co-captain and senior Syncere Ross shined brightly in this quarter leading his team to outshoot Swenson 19-12 and tying the game at 47.

Co-captain and senior Syncere Ross fights for position awaiting a rebound.

With their cheerleading team not in attendance and a gym full of FLC supporters,

Swenson relied heavily on cheers from their own team. The players and coach clapped loudly in support every time their players had the ball.

Swenson senior Naomi Garcia said, “Swenson has a team full of good players and they have a good basketball family that supports one another.”

Once the fourth quarter began, the FLC cheerleaders chanted loudly as the crowd recorded and took photos on their phones. Players brought an intensity that stood out from the previous three quarters.

“During the last minutes of the game, I was at the edge of my seat,” FLC fan Kayla Johnson said. “Many players from both teams were falling and tripping while playing.” 

Players from both teams spent some time on the ground during the fourth quarter.

Throughout the last quarter, many FLC players scored three pointers which helped the team surpass Swenson’s score and take a commanding lead. 

Swenson resorted to fouling FLC players to stop the clock but the Bobcats used the free throw line to extend their lead to 7 and seal a victory.

The last 10 seconds of the game saw Swenson’s Dymeir Watts score two quick two-pointers in a last-ditch effort that brought the Lions within 3, but they were unable to complete the comeback. FLC’s lead was too great. 

One of the two referees for the game, John Miller, highlighted FLC’s leadership: “FLC had some fouls here and there but they played good defense against the other team and had some good players that really helped the team with their leadership today.”

This FLC boys basketball team is eager to improve their score overall in the season before it’s over. 

This is their first win of 2020, and the new year seems to be off to a fresh start. The Bobcats bared their teeth and showed what they are capable of against a rival team.

Highest Scorers

FLC: Senior Syncere Ross (29 points)

Swenson: Sophomore Dymeir Watts (29 points)