Bobcats Grasp at Last Few Games of Season


Hecmat Diarra, ’19, reaches for a loose ball in last Thursday’s blowout loss to undefeated Roxborough High School · Staff Reporter Jerrin Baez

Jerrin Baez

The Bobcats varsity basketball squad dropped a hard-fought game against Roxborough 98-68 this past Thursday. With their win against Nueva Esperanza Monday, there are currently only a handful of games left before the close of the season and each is a must-win.

The Bobcats entered their game against Roxborough with a 6-7 record. Despite the fact that they have only won one game at home all season, many of the starters were optimistic about another game at Cunningham center, home of the Bobcats.

Senior Djime Traore shouted “I feel great I’m ready to cook them.” Junior Syncere Ross said “I feel good. I feel like we about to get an upset win today.” A more cautious Naseer Johnson said “I feel like we are going to be the underdogs–if our whole team comes together, we might be able to pull it off.”

Roxborough has been a dominant team throughout the season, going undefeated in the conference for a record of 10-0. The Bobcats’ conference record stands at just 4-5.

First Quarter

The FLC cheerleaders are making noise as the first quarter begins. Ross and Traore begin the scoring with four points each. By the end of the quarter the rest of the Right behind him, Traore made 4 points, and by the end of the quarter, the Bobcats have made a total of 10 points.

Mackie, one of Roxborough’s starters, drops two three-pointers and one two-pointer. Melson making a two-pointer and right behind him Jones finishing with a dunk. Roxborough seems very dominant in this quarter. Gibson makes a three-pointer and two layups. FLC’s Ross gets the ball and makes a layup making the score 10-24. During the first quarter almost coming to an end, Robinson makes a two-pointer for Roxborough making the score for the first quarter 10-26.

Second Quarter

The Bobcats are huddled up and listening to their coach Michael Gardner. Halfway into the second quarter Traore was fouled heavily by Jones, as he fell into the spectators. This does not stop Traore. He immediately made a layup and a two-pointer. Sophomore Tommy Santiago drove into the paint making a layup as the FLC cheerleaders try to help the team rally. Naseer made a furious layup to end the second quarter with the Bobcats trailing by 23.

Third Quarter

Into the third quarter and Traore has made a three-pointer making the score 31-57 and later makes another three-pointer making the score 39-71. Santiago grabs a player from the opposing team and fouls him but then he makes up for it with a layup. FLC seemed to be making a comeback in the third quarter as our team made layups and two-pointers. Junior Basim Bilal makes the buzzer beater and the third quarter is over. Roxborough still holds a commanding lead of 84-46.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth and final quarter began and Senior Devon Love was switched in and made 10 points. Junior Quincy Turner made a three-pointer followed up by a layup from Syncere. By the end of the fourth quarter, the FLC Bobcats unfortunately lost to Roxborough with a final score of 68-98. Even though the Bobcats lost, they showed great comradeship to the other team. The FLC Bobcats have a chance to redeem themselves in upcoming games but they need some support. Every game from now on is must win.