We’re in the Endgame Now


Design Editor Elijah Collins

Kyle Thiede

Avengers Endgame is the result of the eleven year build up for the Avengers finale. Many people consider this film as an event, like a roller coaster. As an event, this movie is exhilarating, however as a movie, it’s just good.

There’s a lot to love about this movie. It has great action, probably some of the best action in Marvel. There’s several non computer generated slug fests that are incredibly well choreographed. In addition to this, the computer generated large scale battle scenes are done really good. 

In addition to this bombastic action, there’s a lot of emotional scenes in this movie. This isn’t a movie I’d see anyone cry for unironically, however when the movie wants to get emotional, the viewer can feel it. This is of course due to wonderful writing and great acting. Most of the actors played their roles for the last time and they put in maximum effort for this movie.

 the last thing worth mentioning is how great the movie looks. This cinematography is great, however not as good as Infinity War. The effect are tremendous. All the computer generated effects feel real and work well alongside the beautiful art and costume design. Sadly, this is about all I can say that isn’t negative, when judging this movie as a film.

For starters, if you don’t care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this isn’t the movie for you. This movie is essentially three hours of fanfiction. It’s a comic book movie through and through, and it’s not really grounded in reality. The movie is just trying to have fun for fans, and because of that there’s a lot in the plot that doesn’t make sense. Despite what I said about how good the action is, a lot of times there seems to be excuses for these action scenes, rather than reasons. This also applies for emotional scenes in the movie. Characters make dumb decisions just so the viewer can feel bad, and that shouldn’t be asked by the audience.

Another major problem with this movie is the pacing. This movie sits at a runtime of three hours and ten minutes, and it could be an hour shorter while doing its job. A lot of this movie is filler, and a lot of this filler is bad Disney humor. This serves no purpose to the plot, it’s just to get a laugh that never comes.

Avengers Endgame is like an amusement park ride. It’s fun, energetic, and exciting. However, what dictates whether or not you feel you get your money’s worth, depends on a lot of factors. If you have a personal connection to Marvel movies and these characters, then you’ll have an amazing time. 

But  if  you’re not a true Marvel fan then you would never want to watch this movie again.

Endgame, the final movie to come with the Avengers saga of Marvel movies. As we come to a close picking up from the events of Infinity War. With a screen time of 3 hours and 58 seconds, it is filled by amazing play time, build up and wonderful climax to end the series, with a tad of monologue  and different type of post credit than usual. Yet at this time, not only does this conclude avengers but the most contracts for the actors for the original Avengers are also up, so what exactly do they do now?

With this knowledge, Marvel’s options are now quite limited for a guaranteed money maker. Yet they still have a good amount of options left in their back pocket. The new Spiderman movie is a great example of this. They can focus more on the individual heroes and their story while keeping the timeline moving forward. Many people would love to see newer heroes or remade heroes progress even further as people through their hardships and struggles as they go on as heroes. Or they can have it separate storylines like the pervious spiderman inclusion with Miles Morales, Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. Bringing in different storylines that were introduced and building more onto them would also be a very good money move and likely idea, especially in the case of our interdimensional crisis solving spider.

In the case of our favorite assassin Black Widow who also has a movie coming up. Which has been confirmed as a prequel,which depending on how it does could open up more doors for Marvel in movies. Going back and filling in gaps of knowledge with prequels or going through and touching up on character background is also something fans would probably like, diving deep into the universe and being immersed into this action filled fantasy world. Which can have surprises with characters coming out the woodwork.