Control Is An Illusion

Janelis Duran

Mr. Robot first aired on June 24, 2015 on the USA Network. The show presents us with Elliot Alderson who works as a cybersecurity for a huge company. Elliot is revealed to be a village hacker for an underground group whom mission is to stop corporate america, including the company he works to protect. This forces Elliot to questions his morals. At the beginning, Elliot is shown to be anti-social but still holds a level head, making choices out of reason and not emotion. However, as the series progress Elliot quickly falls into a psychosis. He loses touch with people and the world around him, in turn the viewer is left feeling the same way; in the same situation of not being able to tell what’s reality. Viewers are left questioning everything as he does. It isn’t until he accepts what’s actually going on that we are revealed the truth.

The visuals of the show are beautifully done. From the camera movement to the colors in a given sean. Everything serves a purpose. Everything and everyone is there to show us what is in Elliot’s mind. What makes it tick. This show explores the theme of mental illness and does it in a way so that the viewer can have a glimpse into the worlds of the people who actually have it. While doing it in a exciting and extreme way.

If you enjoy shows that make a commentary on the real world or make you question life than Mr. Robot is the show for you.