I ♥ Tea Review

Jacqueline Lara

I Tea, a small Japanese restaurant at 1537 Spring Garden St is known mostly for its bubble tea. It is one of the best places to drink bubble tea after school.
The restaurant offers a variety of dishes ranging from the typical french fries to noodles, ice cream and a selection of 10 different milk bubble tea and smoothie flavors. Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a drink that contains small tapioca pearls. The pearls are nice and chewy and cooked to perfection. This is a nice change from other bubble tea restaurants who make their pearls too hard to chew or so soft that they fall apart inside your drink. The drinks include many types of jellies to choose from, like lychee, aloe, and pineapple.
My favorite tea on the menu is the Chocolate Bubble Tea. For $3 you get a nicely mixed, flavorful drink, served either hot or cold.
I Tea is also a pretty cool hangout spot since it is only a 5 minute walk from Franklin Learning Center. The place is very clean and also very convenient for students in a hurry since the drinks and food are quickly prepared. It also makes a great spot for students to have a short study session, but i would recommend arriving after 3:30 if you don’t like crowds. For anyone without a test to study for, the restaurant also has Jenga and tic-tac-toe to make sure no one gets bored. And, for any customer in search of nice and affordable phone cases, I Tea sells new models in iPhone and Android varieties. So before traveling 20 minutes to Chinatown for bubble tea, consider a much shorter and convenient route to I Tea instead.


Author: Jacqueline Lara