Run. Write. Flow.

Janelis Duran

Janelis Duran: What’s the name of your club? Why did you chose to name it that?

Ms. Hastings: The name of the club is R.W.F. (Run, Write, Flow). I chose to name it [Run. Write. Flow] because it combines all the things that I love and all the things that help people become better writers.

JD: Why did you chose to start this program?

MH: Because when I was in high school I was down for a while and wished there was a club or program that would help me get all my feelings out on paper, so I decided to make a club for young adults who want a way to cope with their problems.

JD: What days and room would it be held?

MH: We meet on Tuesdays in room 303. Some days, we will be going outside but it’ll be dependent on the weather.

JD: How many people would you take into the club?

MH: 10 to 15 people.

JD: Would you club be competing against any school or be joining competitions?

MH: Yes and No. It really depends on the students and if they wish to put their piece out there.