Q&A with the School District’s January Student of the month

Ace Ludwig | The Flash FLC Jennifer Rojas-Sandoval accepts her award at the January 30 board of education meeting.

Why did you choose UPenn?

I chose UPenn especially because of the connections that they have with other professional companies and professional past alumni. And so I think…it’s very valuable to me, especially since I do want to work in a skincare company in the future. And so just by having those connections, it will also allow me to help others that are in need of resources, because I do a lot of helping around the school and so I do want to give others the same opportunities that I received.

What are your hopes for the future?

I’m probably going to start investing and start my own skincare company, because…that has been a lifelong dream for me. Especially since I had bad acne growing up. And so just by helping others I think it’s very important to me.

Do you have any advice for younger students?

I had to get myself out of my comfort zone. And so that’s what everyone should do. Like we know that it’s competitive to get into different programs and you may be shy or nervous but that shouldn’t matter because what matters is your future and how a certain program can help you with your future.


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