Do Netflix originals live up to their hype?

theflashflc | The Flash FLC Hormone monster, from the Netflix show Big Mouth · Illustrator Trinity Thomas

Lately there has been in increase in original Netflix content such as series and movies that cover different genres.This all began with the 2013 series House of Cards. Ever since Netflix has been stepping up their game. By releasing different genres of content varying from Korean dramas ,to comedies,to action,and even to documentaries. Netflix has it all! As of 2018 Netflix has a whopping 700 different series. Many people question why Netflix started creating their own content but, the fact of the matter is simple, it’s due to money. For every show and movie that isn’t owned by Netflix but is featured, the company has to pay for the licensing to stream it on there site. That leaves Netflix to pay 13 billion dollars in licensing alone each year. So Netflix is left with a choice risk being shut down due to not less revenue or finding away to pay off what they owe another way. By making their own content. Netflix saves money and earns a dedicated fan-base that will aways tune in to original shows and movies. This gives them the chance to pay off there licensing in the shows and movies they don’t own like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Notebook.” But are Netflix Originals really all that; with shows like “Stranger Things” and movies like “Kissing Booth”, one would believe that Netflix original content would be very popular. Netflix relays on word of mouth that helps spread awareness for original content. Here at Franklin Learning Center, 76.3% of students said yes, when asked if they recommend shows they watch to other people. 65.8% of those student at FLC have a Netflix account and 84.2% of them watch Netflix originals. However, we are only a small part of a greater whole, and when we look at it as a bigger picture we see that is far from the truth. It has been found by analytics platform 7Park Data that, only 80% of U.S. Netflix viewers mainly watch licensed content while only 20% watch their original. So are Netflix originals really worth it?