Crimes of a Sequel

theflashflc | The Flash FLC Contributing Ilustrator Paladin Jenkins

The second movie of the “Fantastic Beast” series launched in theaters all over the U.S. The coming of this movie has been anticipated by fans of the wizarding world since it was announced J.K Rowling last year. The movie starts off with the first crime of that Grindelwald commits as he makes a jarring escape from his prison transfer. Even with the thrilling beginning, the rest of the movie does not live up . With the rest being an emotional roller coaster as we dive deep into the past of our main heroes. However, there were some disappointing scenes in which characters were hyped up in the trailer, but made little impact in the movie. Most notable Nagini who only had 5 minutes on screen time, unfortunately those 5 minutes were shown to us within the trailer. She had little to no impact on the main story, to some served as fan service. Hopefully, in the future films Nagini will reprise her role to play a bigger part in the story. There were also some other cameos from other well known characters like McGonagall, Dumbledore and Nicolas flamel. The film also  included scenes that showed the start of young Grindelwald and young Dumbledore. As the tale untangles, our heroes are given a choices which in turn shape out how the rest of the story is told. The future ultimately lies in their hands.


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