SDP facilities team deems FLC safe for operation

On January 3, 2020, Franklin Learning Center administration distributed the following letter to all students during the final period of the day.

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    Connor McFarlandJan 22, 2020 at 2:58 am

    On the day this letter was sent home to students, there was a meeting in the morning to discuss with parents, the condition of the school. During this time students were in the building. The School District really only seemed to care about the asbestos, and not the many other problems. For example, chipped lead paint was part of the reason the gym was shut down, and I was in the gym for my 2/3 class and there was tons of dust on the mats, as well as a lot of paint chippings. Meanwhile the people who were leading the meeting were talking about the improvements made to the gym and other places. So we caught the school district in a lie saying they did work, but they did not. Also all these vent filters they had put in place were falling out, as well as being held in by duct tape. So we are aware that the asbestos as been abated, but there is so much more wrong that the school district is so called ¨fixing¨, but they are doing very shotty jobs. There is more than just asbestos that is wrong with our school.