FLC Prepares for Annual Pep Rally

Hannah Biaggi

On Wednesday, November 27, FLC will hold a Pep Rally in an attempt to raise school spirit and excite students for the upcoming holidays.

Last year, FLC’s student body missed out on events like the Pep Rally, which left students in low spirits. They missed out on several opportunities to enjoy themselves during the school day and have fun outside of a classroom.

This year, the senior committee is looking to change that, starting with the Pep Rally.

Their goal is to turn FLC into a place where students enjoy coming to every day. They want to make this a memorable year for everyone, both students and staff.

This year’s Pep Rally will give students a chance to celebrate our sports team and have an overall great time with their classmates.

Students will be separated by their major and each major will have a designated color that they will have to wear. Displaying these different colors will allow students to represent and take pride in their major. Additionally, this rally will highlight the diversity in FLC.

The Pep Rally will begin at 1:15 PM in the auditorium and students will be dismissed from the event at 2:05 PM.