False alarm placed FLC on lockdown

Hannah Woodruff

FLC students and staff filed into classrooms and offices for a lockdown on November 12, 2019, after the school administration received a report of an armed individual in the building. The alleged threat resulted in an hour-long lockdown as police and administration followed procedures to ensure the safety of the FLC community. 

Prior to the lockdown, the incident had been reported to the Philadelphia Police Department around 10 AM. Shortly after, police officers arrived at FLC in response to the report and to confirm the presence of a person with a gun in the school.

At 10:20 AM, FLC was placed under lockdown as a precaution and promptly began following lockdown procedures. Students were cleared out of bathrooms and stairwells and filed into classrooms or offices. Faculty members took charge of carrying out procedures in their respective classrooms and offices. 

According to a letter to parents issued by Principal Nicole Lee, the police reported that there was no gun and the suspected individual was no longer in question. The lockdown concluded at 11:20 AM.

Afterward, students and staff were advised to return to their regular schedules. Classes were pushed back an hour due to the lengthy periods spent during the lockdown. A new schedule was sent out as a result. 

In the week of October 29, the school wrote letters to FLC families to inform them of a practice lockdown drill taking place this week. 

The letter reads: “This letter is to inform you that Franklin Learning Center will be conducting a lockdown drill during the week of November 12th. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates the annual practice of lockdown drills in all schools to ensure procedures are in place that safeguard your child’s well-being.”

While this letter mentioned a practice drill, the lockdown that occurred on the 12th was real. It was only after the police came that the potential threat was questioned and determined a false report. 

The lockdown drill has been rescheduled for Friday, November 15.