Sharing Is Caring


Contributing Illustrator Trinity Thomas

Nezome Pagan

Contributing Illustrator Trinity Thomas

Account sharing: it’s something most of us do or partake from.  It’s actually been revealed within a survey that almost 26 percent of millennials share their Netflix accounts with others. Although, account sharing seems harmless to us, it actually adds up to billions of dollars in losses for the streaming industry. Synamedia seems to have come up with a way to control and shut down account sharing. Thanks to their latest unveiling shared new technology that allow streaming companies, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, to use artificial intelligence to detect and flag users who are logged on the account in various locations. This means streamers are at risk for getting kicked off accounts that don’t belong to them.

Instead of account sharing, Synamedia proposes that users get their own account or pay an additional for a premium shared service. Although those are both understandable options, this could become a problem for students who afford the fees or to have their own account package. Being a high or college student in itself is hard and the expenses are practically unbearable. Maybe there should be a third more affordable option, one that’s for students. One that similar to the new plan that Netflix is launching in Asia this upcoming November. This November, Netflix plans on testing a mobile-only plan in Asia that was cheaper for users who only used the app on their phones. However, it’s unclear if it will arrive in the U.S, this could be a low-cost alternative for students who might have to worry about paying for their own Netflix account soon.