Girls Locker Room is Outdated


Discolored stalls in the girls locker room. Staff Photographer Bwe Ku.

Emely Seda

It’s not secret here are many parts of Franklin Learning Center’s building that need to be updated or even remolded. But the outdated girl’s locker room is more than a building maintenance. It’s an injustice.

The girls locker room in FLC is horrendous. There’s mold, rust in the showers and paint peeling off the walls. Meanwhile, in the boys locker room, there are new tile walls and new bathroom stalls. How is it fair that the boys get their locker room remodeled and the girls are just stuck with the old, outdated, and disgusting ones? The girls also deserve a nice, cleaner, and more approachable locker room just like the boys.     

Our principal, Mrs. Lee, is “trying” to get the girls locker room remodeled, while also trying to fix other parts of the school that staff and students have complained about in the past.

According to Mrs. Lee, the girls locker room could be fixed in a year or two, if she can add in remodeling the girls locker room to her previous plans or repainting the school wall paint.

“It’s not that school does not have money to repair the girls locker room” says Mrs. Lee, “the problem is we need people to come in and do all of these things.” A way in which we can help speed up the process of getting parts of the school that need to be fixed is by talking to the school board; where we can comfortably voice our concerns in regards to our school. We can also encourage our parents to complain about the schools conditions. So many things in our school building can become better if we just work as the student body to urge these changes. The girl’s locker room is only the beginning.  

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