“Black Panther” Movie Review


Promotional poster, from Marvel’s Black Panther · Marvel Studios

Alloniah Mitchell

Promotional poster, from Marvel’s Black Panther · Marvel Studios

Many people are wondering what the hype is all about concerning the new movie Black Panther. It is a movie with a largely black cast written by a black director. Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther was extremely superb, from the amazing vivid colors, strong visual designs and makeup. After his father dies, T’challa,  played by Chadwick Boseman, returns home to the fictional African country Wakanda, to take his rightful place as king. However, when a powerful enemy arrives T’challa struggles as king and as Black Panther .

If you get the chance to watch this amazing movie, one thing you will notice is the bright colors that catch your attention from the beginning of the movie until the end. Something else that will catch your attention is the mountain in which the Wakandians hold their vibranium . The light blue metal that they use to make every thing . Also the colors of their makeup and markings on their body  and bright costumes respect and mimic the traditions of African people. Also Wakanda itself is filled with huge vibrant temples, animals , and vegetation.

Another thing that makes Black Panther amazing is the strong visual design in the movie. Ryan Coogler fuses African culture and advanced technology which gives the movie an exquisite look. It is an exploration of Wakanda and their culture. Marvel focuses a lot on the buildings and landscapes when going into other worlds. An example of this is Shuri’s (the black panthers sister) lab.

Also the different tribes each had their own distinct look. There were five tribes and each had different makeup looks.

And unlike the Avengers  which focuses on many superheros fighting one another and other enemies, which can become distracting, Black Panther is on a much smaller scale as it primarily focuses on Wakanda. Which I think is better for the audience because it’s entertaining without having too much happening in the same movie.

Black panther is the best marvel film so far, not only does it have good visuals and an incredible representation, but the plot is terrific. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see an amazing movie that has an incredible story behind it and depicts African culture in a way no one has seen before.