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Janelis Duran

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Infinity war was about the big bad Thanos as we follow his journey and try to understand his motives. Throughout the movie, we see as Thanos does everything in his power to accumulate all six infinity stones. In a desperate attempt to stop the black order and Thanos the worlds mightiest heroes join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Wakanda, and Doctor Strange.


Okay I all my moviegoers. As we all know that our heroes did not succeed and Thanos did, in fact, get all infinity gems. With this came a lot of turmoil and death. Opening up by counting thor Ragnarok were Thanos receives the space gem from the tesseract. After threatening to kill Thor, Loki hands it over to him. Then tries to kill him as a desperate attempt to end this monster before he gets to powerful. This scene not only sets the tone for the rest of the movie but is also a fitting ending to the god of mischief. After this we jump on board the black orders ship as they set course for earth looking for the time and mind stone. They eventual do not obtain it for Thanos its Thanos himself who later comes in and the gets the stones. But before the battle of Wakanda and the one of titan. We find ourselves on the collector’s ship were Thanos obtains the reality stone. This is where the movie mood changes in my opinion because we start to see the world throw Thanos’ eyes and we see he does have something or preferably someone who means something to him. On the ship he fight gamora this fight was choreographed in such a way that it didn’t even seem like they were fighting but a father playing with his daughter.  This is important from a narrative point of view this lets the viewer know that Thanos is reluctive from harming Gemora and it also shows that the real protagonist of the story is, in fact, Thanos and not our heroes. However, Thanos does end up killing Gemora to get the soul stone, but even with that, it doesn’t take away from his character it gives him more as a character. Because it causes him to have more of a reason to carry out his plans and once he does it makes him question what he done. Thanos isn’t a bad guy. He is a genuinely conflicted charter. He can go from being simpanithic to being fighting. Thano is a nihilist yet his arc in the movie contradicts his ideals. He is egoistic believing life doesn’t have a purpose yet his life does. For his purpose is to liberate the universe from the cancer that is itself. However once he does the infant snap and kills half the universe. Thanos starts to rethink what he had done. Asking himself though little gomara what was the cost of his action to which he replays everything. I believe that in this moment something snaps in Thanos’ head. He began to see that maybe life does in fact have purpose. This contradiction of ideals is what Thanos is left with by the end of the movie.