Why We Should Walk Out


FLC joins schools around the nation in a walkout March 14

Nickey Sawbo

Author: Nickey Sawbo

It would be an understatement to say that we are fed up with the justice system in this country. Year after year, shooting after shooting, we still proceed to keep the same rules and laws regarding guns.

How many people must die before we realize something is wrong? How many students must die before we realize these laws are not protecting people, but protecting the right to carry guns? As a student in America, one must feel like the country loves their guns more than they love their children. Due to this, students all across the country are walking out in protest of these systems.

Following the deadly shooting that took place in Florida, we students have reached our limit and are taking things into our own hands.

What so many people fail to see is that school shootings are an American thing. The only thing that sets us apart from other countries is our gun laws. What does this say? We are protecting an amendment that was made before automatic weapons, before one gun could cause mass casualties, before children started dying regularly from gun violence.

There are school shootings dating back to the 18th century in America, yet no law has changed. In 2017, there were more school shootings than days. This is why students are choosing to walk out. We have realized that Congress cares more about this amendment than they do about us.

This is where we step in. It takes more than just complaining and prayers to change something. To change the government, you have to fight with the government. As sad as this sounds, this is just the way this country works. If we stand here and continue to hope that maybe someone will finally gain the decency to realize students are not protected, we will be needing to come to school in bullet-proof vests.

Joining together to fight for our rights as students is just the least we can do to tell them we need protection, we need new rules, we need change. As students, we are coming together to show that they have failed us repeatedly. Walking out is our way of taking a stand against where there is a flaw in our system. Our complaints are landing on deaf ears. The tears of mothers are falling in front of blind eyes. Protesting is how we as students can show we are sick of the nonsense.

So, if you are choosing to walk out, you will not be alone. Work to take a stand against gun violence, especially in schools where we are required to be, but are not protected. Walk out for the protection of all students in America.

FLC joins schools around the nation in a walkout March 14