Should Teachers Give Homework During Winter Break


Daisy De La Merced

Some teachers give students homework during break and most students don’t do the homework that was handed to them. Sometimes the student might be out of town and they forgot to take their homework which results in them getting a bad grade that could end up damaging their report card.

Juliana Perez, a School District of Philadelphia alumnus, thinks teachers “Shouldn’t give out homework or projects for winter break. But if the students have bad qualifications then she (or he) should [have work] so [their] grade[s] can go up.” And she is right, teachers should give out extra credit work to those who need it instead of giving work to everyone. And some people might agree with a teacher giving out work over the break but the teachers should not give too much as they should consider the other classes in which students are given out homework and if the student will even be able to do the work during the break. Most students would think that having winter break is for them to enjoy their time with their family and to take a small break from school. Yes school is important , but many students rather take some time off without any work to do.

Students should also be able to enjoy their free time so that when they come back they are going to be more relaxed and won’t struggle as much and maybe they will be more ready to learn new things. Teachers should also give that option of giving out extra credit if a student wants the work or if they need those extra points then it should be their choice to take the work. It is also the responsibility of a student to choose to do better or get their grade up if they are not doing so good. A teacher gives out work during the winter break because teachers don’t want the students to forget about what they were learning but students should be allowed to make the decision for themselves if they need the work or not.

Author: Daisy De La Merced