8 Ways To Earn Money For College

8 Ways To Earn Money For College

Estefani Delarosa

Seniors! Do you want to know how you can earn a lot of money for college ? I would advise you to follow the following steps.


  • Know your major. There are universities and organizations that are looking for students who major in a specific area. The majors that a university offers are the core to what makes them unique. They’ll look for students who will best represent what their majors offer. Careers in the education, health, or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are the most common areas of study that scholarship programs are interested in. These careers are often the highest-paying and they pervade every aspect of our lives.
  • If you’re an athlete, use it to your advantage. Athletic scholarships allow students to continue their sport in college. However, they are very competitive and are only awarded to athletes with high achievements. Fortunately there are scholarships available to athletes of all abilities.
  • Enroll in a military service. There is money awarded to the people that serve our country. Many organizations want to give back by offering you scholarships.
  • If you’re a minority, focus on scholarships that are aimed towards your needs. In the United States, there is a large percentage of minority students. Ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic minorities can qualify for scholarships. In certain scholarship organizations, LGBT students are qualified as minorities. These organizations are dedicated to represent the often disregarded minority populations.
  • Join a club or activity. Colleges and universities are looking for well-rounded students. They need to know that their applicants are involved with their community. Colleges and universities are interested in knowing how their students spend their time and how their participation has helped them grow as people.
  • Improve your writing skills. When applying for scholarships, some scholarship funds will ask applicants for an essay or answers to a variety of questions. What applicants write about or how they write can determine whether they earn the scholarship or not. They’ll need to write a stellar writing piece in order to stand out from all the hundreds or even thousands of applicants. There would be applicants with similar GPAs or SAT scores, so they’ll need to find something unique about themselves or something that they can offer that will attract these scholarship programs to them.
  • Being an honor student. Some college scholarships are exclusively awarded to honor students. Universities want to recruit the brightest students with outstanding grades and leadership that will best represent what they stand for.
  • Apply. You miss 100% of the scholarships you don’t apply for.


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Article By: Estefani Delarosa