A Peek Into FLC’s Cultural Diversity

A Peek Into FLC’s Cultural Diversity

International Day is a new and exciting event that is bringing everyone together here at Franklin Learning Center. Our school is home to hundreds of students with their own unique cultures and backgrounds, and with over 40 different countries being represented, there’s sure to be a high amount of cultural and ethnic diversity. Students in foreign language classes have been creating country-specific powerpoints, projects, and presentations specifically for this occasion.

When asked how they felt about working on said projects, one student answered, “Although it was time consuming, learning about my friends’ cultures brought about a lot of cool experiences and enabled me to get to know more about them and where they came from.” These projects allow students to be more aware and knowledgeable about their fellow classmates and the backgrounds that they come from. Another student replied, “I’m very excited about International Day. You get to learn about different cultures in an interesting way, while also learning more about your peers.”

The same grateful attitude can also be found among the students who aren’t making projects but who are still being culturally represented. When talking about her country, one student notes, “I feel proud because even though it’s not one of the wealthiest countries, it’s still recognized.”

International Day at FLC provides an opportunity for all of its students to come together, in spirit and in action, to celebrate the cultural diversities found within the school.

I am so thankful to Mr. Ben, and the other language teachers Mrs. R, and Mr. Garcia, for giving us an opportunity to represent our country or maybe even another country’s culture in the positive and high regards that we have for the country. I enjoyed my experiences being able to participate in this collaborative project with my group, representing a country that is not my own. I have learned new information that I will remember during my continuous road to expand my knowledge on different cultures. It was a great experience and it will be amazing to see everyone of every culture and country express their knowledge for Franklin Learning Center as a whole to see.

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