Logan Review


On July 14th, 2000,  the first X-men movie was released. A film series which, 17 years later is doing successful and still the favorite movie of many people. In the first X-Men movie the Wolverine was introduced to fans for the first time ever in live action. Played by Hugh Jackman the character was the best known character and the fan favorite of many fans. After the first X-Men there were many more sequels and spinoffs in the years to come, some which were great as the original while some lacked what the original had. However, the one movie that many people wanted was a Wolverine solo spin off and they got it. Well, 3 of them to be exact. The first ever solo Wolverine movie was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. X-Men Origins: Wolverine,  even though it was the most anticipated, did not receive great ratings from movie critics and was by far the most mediocre film produced from the X-Men series. The producers of X-Men even decided to wipe it from their movie continuity. Next came The Wolverine. The Wolverine received higher ratings than X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story followed Wolverine to Japan after the events of the third X-Men film involving the original 2000 cast. The Wolverine was a good movie but did not have something Logan did: an R-rating.

Logan was Hugh Jackman’s final time putting on the white tank top and jeans and pulling out the adamantium claws for one final movie. Logan takes place in the future where the main protagonist, Logan, is caring for his former teacher and friend Professor Xavier, with the help of Caliban(being his second appearance in film since X-Men Apocalypse) who helps take care of the sick man. But when Logan is called out of hiding to protect a young girl who is just like him, reluctant at first, he eventually decides to aid them and the two travel across the country from people who want to hurt her. Throughout the movie, Logan struggles to be like a father to the young mutant and while his main goal is to protect Professor X he ends up protecting the girl and getting her to safety.The entire movie is a tear jerker as Logan tries to accept the fact that there is someone like him out there. The movie is overall great due to the fact that Logan was rated R gave the directors more freedom to tell the story and introduce more mature themes which pleased many comic book fans. The story is overall great and the R rating gives the movie just a little bit more ‘umph’ than a PG-13 rating ever would have.