Songs for The New World

Janelis Duran

By Janelis Duran

This school year, Franklin Learning Center’s music department is preparing for the winter musical, “Songs for the New World.” The first show took place yesterday at 7 PM and the last show is today at 8 PM.

According to Ms. Frank, the show is “a modern day song cycle where each character explores some kind of new frontier, whether physical or emotional.”

Despite being unable to reveal much about their performances,  the cast members all agree that this show is a must-see. One performer, CJ Mitchell (‘21), thinks that “the hardwork from the cast is something crazy. And I didn’t think that something from a school, just a school, like FLC would be able to do that.”

And hardwork, indeed! The cast is diligently practicing during and after school hours every day. Most times, their practice doesn’t end just at school, but the cast practice and rehearse their roles outside of school as well. Junior Sara Bendrihem explains that she has spent “time working on [her] range for each song” in away that’ll fit her voice for this musical.

The cast will have to work harder this year if they are going to pull off two school musicals. It won’t be worth it if nobody shows up, so in the words of Ms. Frank, “It really is a show that shouldn’t be missed.’’

Today is the last day to buy tickets! General admission is $5 and students with IDs pay $3 at the door. Snacks and beverages are provided.