“Prey” Video Game Review

Prey Video Game Review

Kyle Thiede

Prey is an action-horror RPG. You play as Morgan Yu as you’re trapped on a space station, having lost all of your memory, with a dangerous alien enemy that wants you dead. Equipping yourself with weapons, tools, and brain altering Nero-mods, you must hunt down the alien threat that lurks inside the spacecraft, uncover the secrets of Transtar, the company that owns the spacecraft you’re on, and most importantly, survive.


Plot In an alternate universe, John F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated. The outcome was the Cold War ended earlier and billions of dollars being spent on space travel. On one of the space satellites, alien creatures were found, known as typhoons. Fast forward to the year 2030, and you’re controlling Morgan Yu, a scientist who works for Transtar, a private company that does research on the aliens. After having your memory wiped and being put in a simulation, you have to use a variety of creative tools and weapons to help you survive. The game also introduces Nero-mods, which is a unique RPG upgrading system.


Looks The game looks beautiful. The graphics are amazing. The only problem I have with the looks of the game is the completely unoriginal design of the villains. They look exactly like “Venom” from “Spider-Man.”


Gameplay The gameplay in this game is fantastic. All the controls are very smooth and fast paced. I also enjoy the game requiring some skill, you can’t just use a big gun to kill all enemies. There are a couple problems in this game though. The main problem is with key cards and key codes. In order to progress in some areas, you need keycards and key codes to open doors. The problem is that they’re small and hard to find. I’ve found myself retracing back a couple missions to find a keycard or a key code. Also, for a horror game, Prey really isn’t that scary.


Prey is a great game and definitely worth a play. I give this game an 8/10.