Holding Off On Testing — Why It’s Beneficial

Holding Off On Testing -- Why Its Beneficial

Hannah Brenner

We all know that tests are very hard and exhausting. I believe that this is why teachers should hold off with pushing tests on students. Teachers do not always know the student’s situation. Some students may not understand the subject as a whole, let alone specific questions. A majority of the students are pushed to complete common assessments every other month. That is not enough time to study, and prepare for the test. Another example of why teachers should not push tests so quickly is that most students have to take other tests in every class. A high percentage of students had to take the Keystone makeups. That leaves us only two weeks until we have to take the midterms. That is not that long,and the midterms are a huge percent of our overall grade. On behalf of the students, teachers should hold off on pushing minor tests.

If a student does not prefer  to voice their misunderstanding, how is there going to be a good outcome? Teachers sometimes push tests on concepts they have only been teaching for about a week. Some students don’t just automatically understand the subject. All students work at a different pace. Studies show, that it is not very good to work at your own pace because then when it comes time for a quiz and someone doesn’t understand it then they’re most likely going to fail. Many students may push themselves to put working along others even if they do not understand it because they’re embarrassed.  In this case, teachers should hold off on pushing test(s)/quiz(s) until the student is ready for it and understands it.

However, teachers are not required to stay put for a long time. This means you need to study and learn as fast as you can. Teachers do not have to push tests as fast. Every student is different.  We cannot change that. Teachers should not push tests or quizzes  so quickly in any class/and or subject, unless it is extremely mandatory.