The Purpose of Art and How It Benefits Us

The Purpose of Art and How It Benefits Us

Donte Cheatham

Last month, the Franklin Learning Center Art Show displayed the work of many art major students. The purpose was simple: “to showcase the talents of the art majors so that the school can witness how creative they are” said Ms. Whitt, one of this schools art teachers.

For those interested in knowing what was showcased, this is what Ms. Whitt remembers, “There was a variety of art being showcased. It was a mix of the work of students, such as, class projects and art from their student portfolios.’’

Since art plays a big part in our school some might be asking themselves “how does art benefit the school?” Ms. Whitt’s answer was “Art benefits the students by making them think creatively and outside the box, more than any other subject.” Art can really challenge us to think differently. It can also help with problem solving skills. A society that neglects art would not only be unable to thrive, but will also vanish from history. The expression that represents us could become forgotten if some do not practice art. Art can also create a peaceful atmosphere for both the artist and the viewer. Art teacher Ms. Whitt adds “All of the the art we do beautifies the school, if we just painted every wall gray, then the hallways would not stick out.”


Whether you wanted to communicate with reality in a fresh way or see others express their emotions, the art show offered a variety of displays that allowed just that. From images that pop out to projects that catch your eye, the art show allowed students to show off their talents in new and different ways.