New FLC Club Explores Arabic Culture


By Dariana Garcia-Bernabe

In the Arabic Club, one just doesn’t learn a new language, One also gets the opportunity to learn, and celebrate the Arabic culture. Photography Editor Anannya Kundu.

The first year of Franklin Learning Center’s Arabic Club begins this semester as students will strive to learn the new language.

Chemistry honors and physical science teacher, Ms. Awad runs the club. Her motivation behind organizing it is to not only teach the language, but also expose students to the culture by learning about songs, dances, and cooking food.

Most importantly it will help students in the future since they will know more than one language which will help them communicate with others. “The whole world now is very small like [a] village and we need to communicate together,” states Ms. Awad.

Heba Hussein ‘20 has spoken the language since birth, but she joined the club so that she can learn to read and write it. Hussein believes that learning a new language is important because “more opportunities” will open up and students will be “able to communicate with more people and understand them more and understand why their culture is a certain way.”  

Saffiyyah Almuid ’22 explained that she joined the club to learn more about her religion. Almuid believes that one should “try new things and… see how it works out… see if it’s useful.” Almuid ends by agreeing that students should join the Arabic club because it is different.

Jay Soto ‘20 knows English and Spanish and decided to join the club because he wants to learn the language. Soto states that the importance of learning a new language is that one can learn from the culture and “stop stereotyping people.”

While the students may have joined the clubs for different reasons, the love of learning a new language is present. Soto ends by saying, “It’s really completely new and you should totally join.” Arabic club meets every Thursdays from 3 to 4 in room 217.


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