What is Philadelphia’s policy on vaccination cards and masks?


Ace Ludwig

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Lillian Holbrook-Ngo, Contributing Writer

Why do citizens have to show their vaccination cards or wear a mask to enter restaurants and other public places? On August 12, 2021, Philadelphia issued a new policy making public places like gyms, theaters, and restaurants require proof of vaccination for those who wish to not wear a mask.

Cases have been rising recently and have not been this high since April 2021. Philadelphia takes a step, by making a policy about masks and the vaccine card. Here is someone’s opinion on having to show your vaccination card:

“I think that’s reasonable. Because some people like to lie about if they got their vaccination or not just to get what they want.” said 9th grader, Xina Lau

Since a lot of public places have made it mandatory to show your vaccine card to enter, A lot of people are making fake cards and selling them to people. August 2021 a woman named Jasmine Cliford was charged for selling fake vaccination cards using Instagram.

“It hasn’t really affected me. I just don’t like wearing masks because it’s hard to breathe.” said Lau

Now, masks or a vaccine card are mandatory. Which one would you pick, wear a mask or get your vaccine? Personally, I would choose to wear a mask, Yet there are still people out there who don’t even want to wear one out of courtesy for others.

“If a business or institution is requiring that everyone — including staff — be fully vaccinated before entering, then no one in that place needs to wear a mask,” said acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole in a news conference on Wednesday. “So, there is an exemption for places with a vaccine mandate.”

For someone to enter public places they have the choice to wear a mask or show you’re vaccination card. Since you have to do these things. Now People are calling it discrimination, Against people who don’t want to get the vaccine or wear a mask. The quote up top is the Acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole, showing that it’s not only the consumers needing to get the vaccine. That they aren’t alone.

“Sure, a restaurant can say, ‘You’ve got to wear shoes.’ Sure, a restaurant can say, ‘You’ve got to show us you’re vaccinated,’” Feldman says.